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A Filibuster for Tut Taylor ~ A repost in memory of Tut

Since we’re big Tut Taylor fans at the SPPS, we were very excited when we first heard about Southern Filibuster, a fourteen-song tribute to Taylor spearheaded by Jerry Douglas. We were even more stoked when Douglas agreed to chat to us about this project…[more]

We Lost Our Server Host…

We are now hosted in the cloud. The music is now backed up across regions for quick access and is also backed up across regions. This COSTS. We’d also like to budget for an SPPS suite at Folk Alliance, and would like to be able to do IBMA and other events supporting todays up and […]

Folk Alliance 2014: Day 3

We are in our last day here at Folk Alliance, and plan to go out with a bang this evening. Our room has been gaining a reputation for excellence, and for having the best hospitality complete with elevated bed/couch, dubbed “Cloud Pillow Kingdom.” Each of our nights seem to have a theme, that comes together […]

Folk Alliance 2014: Day Two

    We’re starting to get into the swing of things here at Folk Alliance, a world of music and talent day and night. Our showcase so far has been especially successful; many people that I meet around the conference recognize our organization and have only good things to say about us and our showcase […]

Folk Alliance: Day One

It was an excellent start for SPPS yesterday in Kansas City. Even the rough start in getting to the conference turned in our favor. We decided to take a bus from the airport to downtown Kansas City, which was promptly hit by a car leaving the airport. While waiting for the authorities to arrive, we […]

SPPS at Folk Alliance 2014

Once Again, SPPS hosts a new series of showcases at Folk Alliance International 2014, in its first year in Kansas City, Missouri. 25 different groups from around the country share their passion for traditional music, and you can hear it at home through our live audio stream. We are fired up to hear and share […]

Remembering Earl Scruggs

We remember the legendary Earl Scruggs…[more]

Folk Alliance 2012: SPPS Teams Up with Realistic Recordings

The SPPS is proud to sponsor Realistic Recordings at the 24th InternationalFolk Alliance in Memphis Tennessee! Check out the private showcase schedule and a link to stream the performances…[more]

Donate to the SPPS this Holiday Season!

This holiday season, give the gift of music by supporting the SPPS, either as a one-time donor or a monthly subscriber. For the price of a latte or two a month, you can be a subscriber at the $5 or $10 level. All donations are tax deductible…[more]

The Tenth Anniversary of Northwest String Summit: Welcome Home

This July is the tenth anniversary of Yonder Mountain String Band’s Northwest String Summit. We at the SPPS were stoked to chat to String Summit’s emcee Pastor Tim about his thoughts on a decade of Strummit, his experience as the emcee, a special event planned for this year, and what happens late at night when you stick a Lutheran pastor and a dobro player on a golf cart…[more]

Reel Reflections: Phil Rollins

you’ve been to enough bluegrass and jam shows on Colorado’s Front Range, chances are you have run into Phil Rollins. Besides being an all-around nice guy, Rollins is one of those tapers who you can always count on for getting some high quality audio goods in your ears. He shared some of his thoughts on taping with the SPPS…[more]

Song of the Week: “In Tall Buildings”

For this week’s song of the week, we thought we would spotlight one of the artists performing at the upcoming John Hartford Memorial Festival (read our exclusive preview here), Jamie Hartford[more]

John Hartford Memorial Festival: For the Love of the Music

It will be a decade this June since John Hartford passed away, but his legacy lives on. An exciting testament to this will take place June 1st through June 4th, as the beautiful and historic Bill Monroe Memorial Park and Campground plays host to the first ever John Hartford Memorial Festival. Read all about it…[more]

Song of the Week: “Let Him Go on Mama”

The SPPS is proud to be involved with the first annual John Hartford Memorial Festival, which is taking place June 1st through 4th in Bean Blossom, Indiana. We’ll have a special sneak-preview of the festival in a couple days, but until then enjoy this fabulous performance of “Let Him Go on Mama”…[more]

Song of the Week: “Coal Tattoo”

It seemed apt to pick a Hazel Dickens song this week, and Kathy Mattea does a mighty fine version of “Coal Tattoo,” which she featured on her stellar 2008 album COAL[more]

Remembering Hazel Dickens

Hazel Dickens was a beautifully brave soul and we at the SPPS were indescribably saddened to learn of her passing this past Friday, due to complications from pneumonia. She was 75. Read our tribute to her extraordinary life and celebrate her music…[more]

Song of the Week: “Oil (is Choking Louisiana)”

Welcome to the inaugural edition of The SPPS’s Song of the Week. This being the 20th of April, the temptation to pick something, uh, “heady” was tempting. But, unfortunately, this date is also associated with some of the darkest events in our history, most recently the Gulf oil spill…[more]

Elephant Revival: Everyday Epiphanies

Elephant Revival are establishing themselves as the next band to watch from Nederland, Colorado. The SPPS spoke to Daniel Rodriguez about the band’s journey so far, songwriting inspiration, mixed feelings about musical labels, and what it’s like to be Vince Herman’s neighbor…[more]

Remembering Carlton Haney

We were all saddened at the SPPS to learn of the passing of Carlton Haney last Wednesday, due to complications from a stroke. Haney was 82. Everyone who knew Haney personally describes him as a colorful, larger-than-life character, with several legends and tall tales that swirled around him…[more]

Folk Alliance 2011: A Wrap-Up

We wrap up our Folk Alliance 2011 coverage with artist reflections and an awesome mega-mix from our showcases…[more]

SPPS Folk Alliance Showcases Available for Download!

We’re pleased to announce that all of the SPPS showcases from Folk Alliance 2011 are now available for download, in mp3, zip, streaming and flac. That’s how we do at SPPS![more]

Folk Alliance: Day Four 02.19.11

Well it’s official – The SPPS team has survived Folk Alliance! Here’s a wrap up of my highlights from the last day of the conference…[more]

Folk Alliance: Day Three 02.18.11

I began my third day at Folk Alliance with a simple question in mind – “What Would John Do?” That set the tone for a fabulous day of music…[more]

Folk Alliance: Day Two 02.17.11

Remembering John Hartford is a central theme at this year’s conference. The second day of Folk Alliance for me began with a Hartford Symposium, and ended with a welcome cry to end marijuana prohibition courtesy of The Atomic Duo…[more]

Folk Alliance: Day One 02.16.11

With a beautiful view of the mighty Mississippi river from our room on the 19th floor, the Steam Powered showcases kicked off FAI11 in a mighty fine fashion last night for this writer. Here’s some snapshots from last night’s festivities…[more]

Colorado Bluegrass Invades Folk Alliance International: Steam Powered Preservation Society Hosts CBMS Bands at Conference

This article originally appeared in the February 2011 edition of Pow’r Pickin’, the official publication of the Colorado Bluegrass Music Society. Read about some of the CBMS bands at Folk Alliance, who will be playing our showcases, as they reflect on their hopes for the conference…[more]

Folk Alliance Showcase Schedule Released!

We can hardly sleep over at SPPS virtual headquarters we’re so excited about Folk Alliance 2011! Below you’ll find our guerrilla showcase schedule. We are psyched to have so many amazing musicians playing our showcases…[more]

Tape Spotlight: Riding the Rail with Tim Eriksen and Wild Earl

Our tape spotlight focuses on an awesome and inspiring house concert from last November, featuring Tim Eriksen and Wild Earl…[more]

New Recordings Released!

It’s a new year, and we’ve got some new tapes! We wanted to draw your attention to three recordings we’ve recently made public in our archives…[more]

Reel Reflections: Mike Abb

We continue our Reel Reflections series with a conversation with Mike Abb. If you’ve been to bluegrass shows in the Austin, Texas area, there’s a good chance you’ve run into Abb – most likely behind a video camera…[more]

Holiday Songs for the Weary

There are those songs and takes on Christmas music that are enjoyable for us suffering from holiday tune burnout. Some explore the darker sides of the holiday, some are simply classics and some just hearken back to childhood nostalgia. Here’s a few of my picks, as all of us at the SPPS wish you a safe and happy holiday![more]

Donate to the SPPS this Holiday Season!

This holiday season, give the gift of music by supporting the SPPS, either as a one-time donor or a monthly subscriber. Your donation goes to fund our continued work in archiving and researching historic Americana recordings, as well as supporting current artists who are keeping the flame of our cultural legacy burning. We need supporters like you to keep the mission alive…[more]

Tape Spotlight: Tequila and Crowdsurfing with Uncle Earl

This fabulous soundboard recording of Uncle Earl at the Mountain Sun Hootenanny captures one helluva rowdy night at the Boulder Theater on April 21, 2007…[more]

A Trio of Turkey Songs for Thanksgiving

While you’re counting your blessings, and digesting on your couch, here’s a trio of turkey songs to enjoy. We’re certainly thankful for music here at the SPPS, and all the musicians, tapers, fans and hard-working folks who make it happen. From all of us at the SPPS, we wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!…[more]

Takin’ It As It Comes: Todd Snider & Great American Taxi on the Front Range

Todd Snider joins Great American Taxi for two special shows in Nederland and Denver, and the SPPS was there. Join us for the wild ride…[more]

Reel Reflections: David Avery

Welcome to our new series at the SPPS, where we chat to the folks who are the backbone of our organization – tapers. Taping is more than just a hobby for most who do it; it’s a passion and a way of life. As we all benefit from the fruits of their labors, we hope you’ll be as interested as we are to hear tapers’ thoughts on what they do…[more]

Perspectives from the Road: An Introduction

Welcome a new feature by Dango Rose, of Nederland, Colorado’s Elephant Revival…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Little Glass of Wine”

We wanted to end our murder song series on a classic note, and it doesn’t get more classic than The Stanley Brothers…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Follow Me Down to the Riverside”

Yonder Mountain String Band certainly has a lot of murder songs to choose from in their repertoire, but “Follow Me Down to the Riverside” has always been a personal favorite…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Country Death Song”

Today’s murder song comes from folk punk founders Violent Femmes. Singer/guitarist/principle songwriter Gordon Gano wrote “Country Death Song” while he was in tenth grade study hall…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Eli Renfro”

Unrepentant ghosts, bloody execrations, dismemberment by bowie knife – if a film director was going to make a horror movie adaptation of a bluegrass song, “The Ghost of Eli Renfro,” or as it’s more famously know, simply, “Eli Renfro,” would make a damn fine choice…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Killing Him”

Amy LaVere was inspired to write “Killing Him” while watching the channel 5 news in Nashville. Lavere mines a surprisingly tender murder song out of this situation, one that nevertheless vividly captures the disturbed state of the protagonist…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Pretty Daughter”

In our previous post, we featured banjo pioneer Dock Boggs. A few generations later, we have Danny Barnes, an artist who is taking the instrument in some wonderfully wild and innovative directions. And yes – he writes a helluva murder song…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Pretty Polly”

You could write a lengthy book chronicling the different versions of the English folk song “Pretty Polly,” the story of a young woman lured into the woods by her lover, only to be killed, despite her pleas, and left in a shallow grave…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Low Down and Dirty”

We’re almost halfway through our countdown to the 31st, and today we’ve got a song that was composed on Halloween – “Low Down and Dirty” by Crooked Still. What could be more in the spirit of the holiday then a murder in a graveyard?…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Sinkhole”

You’d be hard pressed to find a rock and roll band with a deeper sense of place and sharper storytelling chops than Drive-By Truckers. “Sinkhole,” from their 2003 album Decoration Day, is a particularly stark portrayal of what happens when you push the powerless too far…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “The Dreadful Wind and Rain”

“The Dreadful Wind and Rain,” also known as “The Wind and Rain,” is a traditional that has became deeply associated with Jerry Garcia. But what makes this song stick out in listeners’ minds is the fate of the murder victim’s earthly remains…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Frankie and Albert”

It’s tough to find songs where the murderer is a woman. Probably the most famous song which turns the tables on the usual gender dynamics of the murder ballad is “Frankie and Johnny,” or “Frankie and Albert” as the Mississippi John Hurt version we’re featuring is called…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Hounds”

Twelve days until Halloween, and we’re on to murder number two. If “Down in the Willow Garden” has a tune so lovely you can almost overlook the horrific tale it tells, “Hounds” by Split Lip Rayfield is downright sinister in every word and every note…[more]

13 Days of Murder Songs: “Down in the Willow Garden”

It’s thirteen days until Halloween! Get primed for the spookiest day of the year with a grab bag of murder songs for the next thirteen days…[more]

Tape Spotlight: Stringdusters at Rockygrass ’06

In previous episodes of our Tape Spotlight series, we’ve dug into our Tut and Anonymous collections. This week we’d like to highlight one of our partner band recordings, as we travel back to Rockygrass ’06 with The Infamous Stringdusters…[more]

Remembering Rual Yarbrough

We at the SPPS were sorry to hear of Rual Yarbrough’s passing this Tuesday. We culled through our collection and found several tapes featuring Yarbrough, to honor his memory with his music…[more]

John Hartford Memorial Festival: June 2-4, 2011, Bean Blossom, IN

John Hartford was the reason we started The Steam Powered Preservation Society. So naturally, all of us at the SPPS are thrilled about The John Hartford Memorial Festival. Check out the details and initial lineup…[more]

Heart, Guts & Red Rocks: Two Nights of YMSB in Colorado

Yonder comes home to Colorado, with a little help from their friends in Leftover Salmon and Split Lip Rayfield. Join us for the ride, complete with random musings and fabulous photos…[more]

Hand-Picked Reels: Labor Songs

On this edition of Hand-Picked Reels, we look at labor songs and songs about working, as we dive into the history of Labor Day…[more]

New Music Collection to Benefit Musicians in Need

Our friends over at FestivaLink have put together an amazing collection from Merle Fest 2010, with all proceeds going to help the Bluegrass Trust Fund, the International Bluegrass Music Association’s emergency financial aid program for musicians in need. Learn how you can help – and get some great music to boot! [more]

Tape Spotlight: Bean Blossom

The SPPS tape spotlight is back, shining a light on our archives. This week we travel to Bean Blossom, Indiana, for highlights from the 1969 and 1979 festivals, including a special Monroe and Scruggs reunion…[more]

The Henhouse Prowlers, 08/23/10, Denver

Fresh off their Rockygrass win, the SPPS catches Chicago’s The Henhouse Prowlers at Sancho’s on a rowdy Monday night. Come along for the ride…[more]

Hand-Picked Reels: Road Songs

Welcome to a new regular feature on the SPPS blog! This week, we’re looking at a trio of road songs. [more]

Raina Rose: It’s a Hard, Beautiful Living

There’s a lot of folksingers out there, but Raina Rose is one of a kind. We sit down with her to discuss songcraft, the traveling life, and the inspiration for her latest album, the stunning When May Came. Come along and get to know Raina Rose…

Remembering Mitch Jayne

On August 2, Mitch Jayne passed away from cancer. Best known for the wit and warmth he brought to the stage as the bassist for The Dillards, we remember this wily storyteller and the music he brought us…[more]

The SPPS needs you!

Do you love bluegrass, folk and old time music? Do you have a passion for writing, photography or taping shows? We’re looking for blog contributors and tapers. Come be a part of the SPPS…[more]

In memory of Sandy Alexander

Stella Fleming, with the help of String Summit MC Pastor Tim Christiansen, presents Chip Russell with a donation made in the memory of Sandy Alexander. Sandy was a long time supporter of the SPPS, one of the very first donors, and one of the original tape transferrers. Sandy was the tapers’ taper. He knew the band, he […]

The John Hartford String Band: What Would John Do?

The John Hartford String Band have brought us a wonderful album celebrating Hartford’s music. We talk to Bob Carlin and Chris Sharp about the back story behind Memories of John, some of their favorite recollections of him, and Hartford’s enduring musical legacy…[more]

The Sweet Serendipity of Honey Don’t

Their self-titled debut album pulls you in from the get-go, an exciting call to arms to start flying down the pavement with a devil-may-care attitude and a dog-eared road map flapping on your dashboard. Join us as Bill Powers takes us inside the world of Honey Don’t…[more]

Why We Jam

Musician and humorist Tomas Texino gives us some campground jamming pointers and philosophy, just in time for festival season…[more]

ROMP: Dancing on the Shoulders of Giants

This June, hundreds of musicians – many representing the first generation of bluegrass – will descend upon Owensboro, Kentucky, as The International Bluegrass Music Museum presents its seventh annual ROMP (River of Music Party). SPPS has an exclusive preview, and this is one party you don’t want to miss…[more]

Tape Spotlight: Legends at the Pickin’ Parlor

Tut Tape #64, which we believe dates back to 1972, captures a real beaut: three sets by The Country Gentlemen, with tweener sets from the always-enjoyable pairing of Norman Blake and Taylor, and a fantastic duet set by Bill Monroe and Blake…[more]

RiceGrass: Fischer, TX: March 27-28, 2010

With the success of The Rice Festival, this year, Cabin 10, Inc. teamed up with The Central Texas Bluegrass Association to launch a spring festival, RiceGrass. It was a heck of a hoedown in the hill country, and SPPS was lucky enough to be on site…[more]

Alan Munde: Playing in the Moment

When you think of retirement, images of Florida condos, golf courses, and cruise ship shuffleboard come to mind. That’s not the case for Alan Munde. Although he may have retired from his teaching post at the commercial music program at South Plains College in Levelland, Texas a couple years ago, he isn’t slowing down any time soon. …[more]

RiceGrass Bound!

RiceGrass will be held Sat & Sun, March 27 & 28 on the beautiful grounds of the Fischer Haus Bed & Breakfast in Fischer, Texas (where most folks camp while attending the Rice Festival in the fall) Danny Barnes, Laurie Lewis & Tom Rozum, Byron Berline & Alan Munde, Two High String Band and more will perform at this spring festival in the Texas Hill Country…[more]

John Hartford String Band: Memories of John

The John Hartford String Band (Bob Carlin on banjo, Matt Combs on fiddle, Mike Compton on mandolin, Mark Schatz on bass, and guitarist Chris Sharp), return to the studio for Memories of John. Memories of John includes 14 tracks of tunes and songs. [more]

Tape Spotlight: Out at the Exit Inn

For this entry in our series, we’re shining our spotlight back on the Tut Taylor Archives, with two circa-1973 tapes from the Exit Inn in Nashville… [more]

Looking Back at Folk Alliance 2010

We take one more look back at Folk Alliance 2010, with feedback from the performers and organizers, and of course, a stellar collection of recordings from the SPPS showcases… [more]

Jay Ungar & Molly Mason Perform in Oneonta, NY

An amazing night of music Saturday March 13, 2010. Alumni Fieldhouse, Dewar Arena…

SPPS Folk Alliance Showcase: 02.20.10

Well the final batch of photos has come in from our Memphis bureau. Check these out, and look forward to more audio from the weekend in the days ahead… [more]

SPPS Folk Alliance Showcase: 02.19.10

Audio from our Thursday night showcases is up! Check it out here. And while you’re listening to these sweet recordings, have a gander at these photos of last night’s showcase revelries, straight from the SPPS Memphis Bureau Desk… [more]

SPPS Folk Alliance Showcase: 02.18.10

Reports are trickling in from the SPPS Memphis Bureau Desk at Folk Alliance 2010… [more]

Austin Friends of Traditional Music Midwinter Festival : Texas : 01/23/10

My friend overheard an older woman in the bathroom of The Doughtery Arts Center talking about playing bass in her band. She joked about how, “It’s hard to have a reunion show when your band members keep dying off!”… [more]

Tim O’Brien: Salina Schoolhouse 1/22/2010… Sold Out In a Whisper

We ran into our friend Allison, bursting at the seams with something exciting to tell us. “Tim’s coming!” What? Who? Who’s coming where? “Tim’s coming! Tim O’Brien! I finally [more]

SPPS Folk Alliance Showcases Schedule

We are pleased to announce the schedule for the SPPS Showcases at the 22nd annual Folk Alliance. Our showcases are being held Thursday, February 18; Friday, February 19th; and Saturday, February 20th…[more]

Tape Spotlight: The Original Bluegrass Festival

Over Labor Day Weekend of 1965, at Cantrell’s Horse Farm in Fincastle, Virginia, Carlton Haney organized what is widely recognized as the first multi-day bluegrass festival. In 1966, he repeated the event…[more]

Green Mountain Grass & Shotgun Party::Texas::01.09.10

Most folks still had their coats on inside The Independent, a new-ish, and rather utilitarian, venue on the hip east side of Austin. It was the a Saturday evening most Austinites would choose to spend hiding in their houses…[more]

Tape Spotlight: Taylor and Blake Deliver Solid Gold

Welcome to the first installment of our SPPS Tape Spotlight series, where we illuminate a choice holding in our collection! This week, we’d like to draw your attention to the Tut Taylor Archive, tape #78…[more]

*Update* ISO: Recording Engineer for the SPPS Folk Alliance Guerilla Showcase

We found a taper! Now stay tuned for the complete line-up and schedule to be announced soon…[more]

Mark Rubin: No Tourists Allowed

(Part 2 of 2 by Sarah Hagerman) “The past is our definition. We may strive, with good reason, to escape it, or to escape what is bad in it, but we will escape it only by adding something better to it.” – Wendell Berry “In Yiddish we have a phrase…[more]

Mark Rubin: No Tourists Allowed

(Part 1 of 2 by Sarah Hagerman) If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay at home. – James Michener – It’s a chilly, drizzly…[more]

Town Mountain Bluegrass Band 8-22-2009

August 22, 2009 Lafayette, CO Band Website Tour Schedule Store Audio Stream | mp3s | zip of mp3s unamplified set captured with 2 mxl 2003’s (center) and 2 akg c1000S > Edirol R44 @24/48. 4 track mixed & tracked using all open source tools: Audacity on Ubuntu. questions: 01 ?? 02 Alcatraz 03 Reminders […]

Tut Taylor: Snapshots, Tapes and Broken Strings

At 85 years old, Tut Taylor has traveled through nearly a century’s worth of history, and the unique path he has followed has taken him straight through the heart of bluegrass music.. [more…]

Pete Kartsounes Hikes Throughout Colorado To Fight Cancer

Two years ago, I camped next to Pete Kartsounes at the RockyGrass Academy. This year he had bigger things on his mind—he was getting ready to hike. It’s what he does during the end of July, all of August, and part of September more…

Sarah Jarosz: Song Up in Her Head

With temps in triple digits, it’s been unusually hot this month, even by Austin standards. Outside at Threadgill’s, an understandably mellow crowd languished in the heat, waving homemade paper fans and downing gallons of water and beer to try and wash the sweat away more…

SPPS Seeks Writers and Tapers

The SPPS is currently looking for writers and tapers. Stories with audio are a big hit with readers! So, we are looking to pair tapers with writers (or find some tapers with a talent for writing!). If you are interested, please email

Jayme Stone Presents: John Hartford!

I rode up the canyon to my second Little Schoolhouse in the Pines show on May 22—a tribute to John Hartford, put together by stellar banjoist Jayme Stone. My four friends and I were very excited about the show. We knew that Jayme had gathered a group of high quality musicians to entertain us for the evening…[more]

Mollie O’Brien and Laura Love Make One-Of-A-Kind Musical Shows

Kathy Foster-Patton Mollie O’Brien and Rich Moore and Laura Love and Orville Johnson were playing at the Little Schoolhouse in the Pines, which is up Boulder’s Four Mile Canyon …[more]

Celebrating Sandy Alexander

back in November, Sandy sent us an email and a donation – one of many. He was a supporter from the get-go around here. Taper, archivist, and lover of life. We’ll miss you Sandman. Our Hero.

Spring Creek 05-09-2009

By Rich Ostella – The four-piece bluegrass band displayed a magnificent smorgasbord of talent at their Boulder Theater CD release party on May 9, 2009. Power guitarist Taylor Sims, dog house bass thunderbolt Jessica Smith, ace mandolin-slash-fiddler Alex Johnstone and the lightning banjo picker Chris “C-Bob” Elliott—each songwriters, singers, and I’ll dare to say lonesome virtuosos—played hard, fast and it was fun, “Son!” Spring Creek’s …[more]

Martha Scanlan with Aaron Youngberg 05-09-2009

at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado source: matrix recording 50/50 source 1: sdbd > r-44 source 2: mxl2003s>v3>r-44 mastered w/all open source tools – Audacity on Ubuntu 9.04 Normed, Mixed, Fades, 24/48>16/44.1, tracked. comments: Spring Creek and the Blue Maddies also performed thier own sets Audio stream | mp3s | zip 01  Set […]

Blue Maddies 05-09-2009

at the Boulder Theater in Boulder, Colorado source: matrix recording 70%sdbd / 30% aud: source 1: sdbd > r-44, source 2: mxl2003s>v3>r-44 mastered: w/all open source tools – Audacity on Ubuntu 9.04 – Normed, Mixed, Fades, 24/48>16/44.1, tracked. Martha Scanlan and Spring Creek also performed thier own sets Audio stream | mp3 | zip […]

Honey Don’t 5-2-2009

Rail Potluck, Lafayette, CO 01 OL#1 (A) 02 Ellia Jewel 03 Cuckoo (A) 04 Silvertone (D) 05 Son of a Gun (G) 06 Pretty When She’s Sleeping 07 For the Sake of Love (D) 08 Mississippi 09 Route 66 Video – Rich Ostella richardostella at gmail dot com Notes: Honey Don’t is Bill Powers, Shelly […]

Old Settler’s Music Festival

by Sarah Hagerman – It’s no secret that in recent years, Old Settlers Music Festival has been branching out from its acoustic and bluegrass roots. This being my first OSMF, I had little to compare it to, save for collected stories from friends and new acquaintances – and observations of threadbare t-shirts boasting past line-ups. On the one hand, nostalgia always casts our hindsight in a rosy glow. There’s a well-known local joke that goes, “How many Austinites…[more]

Expedition Quartet 4/11/2009

Rail, Lafayette, CO Jake Schepps – Banjo Ryan Drickey – Fiddle Greg Schochet – Guitar and Mandolin Ian Hutchison – Bass Audio stream | mp3 | zip Source: 2 center mics: Marshall 2003’s>V3>R44 @2448 2 outer mics: AKG C1000s>R44 @2448 (unamplified set, mics set in front of band) Transfer: SDHC>PC. SF9 4 track at […]

Darol Anger and Bruce Molsky with Brittany Haas

April 19, 2009
Susquehanna Folk Music Society
Yorktowne Hotel Ballroom
York, PA

Jeff and Vida Band 4/11/2009 Rail, Lafayette, CO

Lineup Jeff Burke: Mandolin and Guitar Vida Wakeman: Guitar Jake Schepps: Banjo Greg Schochet: Guitar Justin Hoffenberg: Fiddle Will Downes: Bass Audio stream | mp3 | zip Source: 2 center mics: Marshall 2003’s>V3>R44 @2448 2 outer mics: AKG C1000s>R44 @2448 (unamplified set at the Rail, mics set in front of band) Transfer: SDHC>PC. SF9 4 […]

Jeff & Vida 2008-06-22 Replay Lounge Lawrence, KS

Audio stream | mp3s | zip lineup: Jeff Burke: Mandolin and Guitar Vida Wakeman: Guitar Will Downes: Bass Source: Church Audio CA-11 cardioids > CA-9000 > Edirol R-09 @16/44.1 Location: 3′ from right P.A. stack / DIN / mic stand @ 4′ Transfer: SD card > pc > Audacity (compression) > CDWave Taped and Transferred […]

Jeff & Vida Band 2009-04-16 Auntie Mae’s Parlor Manhattan, KS

Lineup Jeff Burke: Mandolin and Guitar Vida Wakeman: Guitar Jake Schepps: Banjo Justin Hoffenberg: Fiddle Will Downes: Bass Audio stream | mp3 | zip Partner Page Source: Church Audio CA-14 cardioids > CA-9000 > Edirol R-09 @24/48 Location: DFC / 6′ from stage / DIN / mic stand @ 6.5′ Transfer: SD card > pc […]

anon-C202 – Country Gazette 8/1978 Lewiston, NY

Anonymous Collection Cassette #202 Country Gazette Artpark, Lewiston, NY August 1978 Audio stream | mp3 | zip Side A: 1. Instrumental (?) (x) 2. Down, Down, Down 3. Medley: Love Please Come Home > 4. Nine Pound Hammer> 5. Shackles and Chains> 6. Down the Road> 7. Sitting on Top of the World 8. Never […]

anon-C203 Peter Rowan & Red Hot Pickers 1978-11-xx JAPAN

Anonymous Collection Cassette #203 Peter Rowan with The Red Hot Pickers (Richard Greene, Tony Trischka, Andy Statman, & Roger Mason) Tokyo, Japan Early-November 1978 Audio steam | mp3 | zip Side A: 1. Little Rabbit 2. The Hobo Song 3. Wild Horses 4. Used to Be 5. Shenandoah Breakdown 6. The Old, Old House 7. […]

Pagosa Springs: From Indie Fest to Folk ‘N Bluegrass Festival

by Kathy Foster-Patton Dan Appenzeller is the event director and the president of Folk West, the non-profit corporation that puts on Folk ‘N Bluegrass and the Four Corners Folks Festival in Pagosa Springs.  Appenzeller gets so excited when talking about his upcoming event in June that you can almost picture him jumping up and down.  […]

Review: Bright & Jacques Texacali Blues

by Sarah Hagerman. A cold December night in Texas (yes, it does get cold in Texas), where cheap pitchers of Lone Star beer and heating lamps kept us warm under a billowy white tent that encompassed the outside area of The Tiniest Bar in Texas (that is its name, I’m not sure if its diminutive stature compared to other watering holes has been officially evaluated). It’s a small group gathered under the tent….[more…]

Sometymes Why: Uncensored and Undefined

by Sarah Hagerman. Alluring, absorbing, and a little bit far out with a whole lot of chutzpah – welcome to the uncanny world of Sometymes Why. Kristin Andreassen, Ruth Ungar Merenda and Aoife O’Donovan are three musicians who have done a lot of string band groundbreaking. But they came together as Sometymes Why because of the common turf they shared as songwriters.

Spring Creek – Rialto Theatre Loveland, CO 03/28/2009

Audio: stream | mp3 | zip(mp3s) website: 01. High Up in the Mountains 02. Waterline Blues 03. Another Lonesome Night 04. Lonesome Way to Go 05. Pretty Women Driving Me Crazy 06. Weary Hearts 07. Tangled in the Pines 08. It’s Alright My Darling 09. Medley 10. Love is Way Up on a Mountain […]

anon-C515 Red Clay Ramblers – Hot Rize, Red Knuckles 3/6/1981

Red Clay Ramblers Hot Rize/Red Knuckles & The Trailblazers Philadelphia Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival Philadelphia, PA March 6, 1981 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection Cassette #315 Maxell UL 90:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 Transfer by Keith Kreider 04/11/07 Disc One/Side A Red Clay Ramblers: 1. […]

anon-C165 James Monroe + Jimmy Martin Buckhorn Mountain Bluegrass Festival, Tazewell, VA, July 8, 1978

Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys James Monroe & The Midnight Ramblers Buckhorn Mountain Bluegrass Festival Tazewell, VA July 8, 1978 Audio stream | mp3 | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection 1 Cassette #165 Concertape C-60:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 Transfer by Keith Kreider 10/31/2006 Side A: Jimmy Martin & the […]

anon-C182 Monroe & his Blue Grass Boys, Bluegrass Alliance

Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys Bluegrass Alliance 10th Annual Georgia State Bluegrass Festival (Shoal Creek Bluegrass Festival) Shoal Creek Country Music Park Lavonia, GA July 29, 1978 Audio steam | mp3 | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection 1 Cassette #182 Concertape C-60:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 Transfer by Keith Kreider […]

anon-C194 Bill Grant’s Bluegrass Festival Salt Creek Park, Hugo, OK 8-6-1978

Marshall Family, Country Gentlemen, Lewis Family, Osborne Brothers Bill Grant’s Bluegrass Festival Salt Creek Park, Hugo, OK August 6, 1978 Audio stream | mp3 | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection 1 Cassette #194-Concertape C-60:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 – Transfer by Keith Kreider 10/15/2006 Both sides are labeled “1978.8.6 Hugo, OK 87″ […]

anon-C206 Flatt & Scruggs, Osborne Brothers, Jim & Jesse

1) Flatt & Scruggs; US Air Force “Country Music Time” Radio Transcription Circa Late-1950’s to Early-1960’s 2) Flatt & Scruggs; US Marines “Leatherneck Jamboree” Radio Transcription Circa Early-1960’s 3) Earl Scruggs (solo); Circa Late-1960’s to Early-1970’s 4) Osborne Brothers; Live Performance Circa Late-1960’s to Early-1970’s 5) Jim & Jesse; Live Performance Circa Late-1960’s Audio stream […]

anon-C114 JD Crowe, Dan Crary, Jimmy Gyles Winfield 9/29-30/1973

J.D. Crowe & The New South Dan Crary & Jimmy Gyles Walnut Valley Festival Winfield, KS September 29-30, 1973 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection Cassette #114 – Sony Low Noise C-60:Nakamichi ZX7>M-Audio Firewire 410>Wavelab 5.01b Transfer by Keith Kreider 6/22/2006 Notes: Side A is labeled J.D. Side A: J.D. Crowe & […]

anon-C166 Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys & James Monroe & The Midnight Ramblers 7/8/78

Buckhorn Mountain Bluegrass Festival Tazewell, VA Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: Anonymous Collection 1 Cassette #166:Concertape C-60:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 Transfer by Keith Kreider 10/30/2006 Side A: Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys (end of set): 1. (x) Sunny Side of the Mountain 2. (Talking) 3. Will […]

anon-C316 Fiddle Fever, Tracy & Eloise Schwarz, Hot Rize/Red Knuckles

Philadelphia Bluegrass & Old Time Music Festival Philadelphia, PA March 6-7, 1981 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: Maxell UL 90:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410, Transfer by Keith Kreider Disc One/Side A Fiddle Fever: 1. The Sidewalks of New York 2. MacPherson’s Fiddle (Compliments to MacPherson)> 3. MacPherson’s Strut 4. […]

anon-C378 Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys + Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys

SPPS Anonymous Collection 1 Cassette #378 Bean Blossom Festival Bean Blossom, IN June 19, 1982 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: TDK D-90:Nakamichi CR-5A>Hydra cables>Lunatec V3>M-Audio Firewire 410>Wavelab 5.01b, Transfer by Keith Kreider Side A, Jim & Jesse and the Virginia Boys (end of set): 1. (Talk) 2. Ballad of Thunder Road 3. Ole […]

anon-C379 Carlton Haney’s Second Bluegrass Festival Cantrell’s Horse Farm, Fincastle, VA September 2, 1966

Buck White & The Down Home Folks, Don Reno, Red Smiley, & The Shenandoah Cut-Ups, Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys (special guest: Kenny Baker), Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys Carlton Haney’s Second Bluegrass Festival Cantrell’s Horse Farm, Fincastle, VA September 2, 1966 Anonymous Collection Cassette #379 Audio stream | mp3s | […]

anon-C247 Bill Monroe 1963 / Joe Val 1971

Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys Brown County Jamboree Bean Blossom, IN 10/13/1963 Joe Val & The New England Bluegrass Boys Club Passim Cambridge, MA 6/23/1971 Audio stream | mp3 | zip(mp3s) Source: Maxell LN-120:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 Transfer by Keith Kreider 04/17/07 – updates, comments, etc. to […]

anon-C265 Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver The Birchmere 1979

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver The Birchmere Alexandria, VA May 19, 1979 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3) Source: Anonymous Collection Cassette#265: Maxell LN C-90:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 – Transfer by Keith Kreider 04/09/07 Side A – Disc One: 1. (Talking) 2. Rock Hearts 3. Come on Over 4. Just a […]

Tut-C078 Tut Taylor + Norman Blake “Solid Bluegrass” 1999

Tut Taylor & Norman Blake (w/ guest vocalist, Laura Walker) Tut Taylor Archive Cassette #078 Pickin in Earl’s Kitchen, Solid Gold Bluegrass Internet Radio Show Somewhere in Eastern Tennessee March 25, 1999 Audio stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: TDK D90 – Nakamichi CR5A>M-Audio Firewire 410>Wavelab 5.01b @ 24/48 Transferred by kskreider<at> 01. (Radio […]

anon-C327 Bean Blossom 1981

Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys (with guests), The Goins Brothers, Mac Wiseman, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver Bean Blossom Festival Bean Blossom, IN 6/18/1981 Audio Stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: SPPS Anonymous Collection Cassette #327 – Transfer by Keith Kreider – Maxell XLII90:Nakamichi CR-5A>Hydra cables>Lunatec V3>M-Audio Firewire 410>Wavelab 5.01b. Material taken from 6/18,19,20/1981 […]

anon-C303 Renfro Valley BG Fest 7-11-1971

Country Gentlemen, Osborne Brothers, Mac Wiseman, Shenandoah Cut-Ups, Lester Flatt & The Nashville Grass Renfro Valley Bluegrass Festival Renfro Valley, KY 7/11/1971 Audio Stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Source: SPPS Anonymous Collection Cassette #303 – Maxell UL 120:Nakamichi ZX7>Nickspicks Silver Hydra’s>Lunatec V3 @ 24/48>M-Audio Firewire 410 – Transfer by Keith Kreider 04/16/07 1. Green Green […]

previously posted tapes in the forum, and how you can help..

We are switching the historical info on each tape from our forums, to where each gets its own page. It’s going to be a time consuming process to move the previously posted tapes to the new format.  If you are web savvy and are interested in helping, please get in touch! (It’s not that hard […]

anon-C383 Bean Blossom 6-18-1982

Anonymous Collection Cassette #383 1) Jim & Jesse McReynolds and The Virginia Boys 2) Bill Monroe & His Blue Grass Boys 3) The Wildwood Pickers Bean Blossom Festival Bean Blossom, IN June 18, 1982 Audio Stream | mp3s| zip(mp3s) Side A: Jim & Jesse and The Virginia Boys: 1. (Talking) 2. Sally Goodin 3. Sweet […]

anon-C205 Flatt and Scruggs (early 1960’s)

Anonymous Collection Cassette #205 Flatt & Scruggs – Live Performance (Circa Early-1960’s) and US Air Force “Country Music Time” Radio Transcriptions Nashville, TN Circa Late-1950’s to Early-1960’s Audio Stream | mp3 | zip(mp3s) Side A: Live Performance: 1. (x) Nobody’s Business 2. Foggy Mountain Special 3. (Talking) 4. Polka on the Banjo 5. Little Darling, […]

anon-C219 Bluegrass Cardinals 1978

Anonymous Collection Cassette #219 The Bluegrass Cardinals (with John Duffey) Unknown Venue 1978 Audio: Stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Side A: 1. Pig in a Pen (x) 2. Sally Gooden 3. Pig in a Pen 4. Nine Pound Hammer 5. Are You Missing Me 6. Baby Rock Your Dolly 7. Blue Ridge Cabin Home 8. […]

anon-C387 Newgrass Revival 6/25/1982 Telluride, CO

New Grass Revival Telluride Bluegrass Festival Telluride, CO June 25, 1982 Audio: Stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) 1. When the Storm is Over 2. Reach 3. Good Woman’s Love 4. Dancing With the Angels 5. Pack of Fools>(Band Intros) 6. In the Middle of the Night 7. Indian Hills 8. One of These Trains 9. […]

TutC075 Tut Taylor – The Bicycle Tape & Solo Mandolin + Dobro

Tut Taylor – The Bicycle Tape & Solo Mandolin + Dobro Old Town Picken Parlor Nashville, TN SPPS Archive Cassette #75 Circa Mid-1970’s Audio: Stream | mp3s | zip(mp3s) Side A: Tut with Two Guitarists (Steel & Nylon String) 1. Turkey in the Straw 2. Greensleeves (1)(with vocal) 3. Greensleeves (2) 4. Greensleeves (3) 5. […]

Nancy Thorwardson: In a Swing State of Musical Happiness!

by Kathy Foster-Patton Music aficionados in the Boulder and Lyons, Colorado area only have to blink and they’ll find Nancy Thorwardson on stage performing in one of her many bands. Nancy is an extraordinary songwriter who has taken a style of music typically found in Texas and Oklahoma and imprinted her own Colorado stamp on it. Thorwardson was eager to share her background with the SPPS on a recent weekend in March. [more…]

Sharing is Caring

by Bob Cherry Most of us have heard the saying “Sharing is Caring.” We speak it to our children. But, in the day of the Internet, it takes on a new and different meaning. The caring needs to include the provider of a service. In this case, The Steam Powered Preservation Society. The SPPS does […]

Greensky Bluegrass Making Their Way: Eight Years and Counting

Greensky Bluegrass Band is a perfect example of a new generation of musicians who both carry the traditions forward and expand upon those traditions to push the boundaries and produce new and interesting sounds. [Read On…]

KC Groves Shines a Light

When KC Groves was first learning mandolin, she originally had her sights set across the sea, rather than gazing at the belly of Appalachia: “I was in college and started taking mando lessons. I wanted to learn Irish music but [the teacher] didn’t really know Irish music. But he knew bluegrass. He was the only teacher in town so that’s what I learned.”

But sometimes happy accidents lead to passions, and Groves found herself drawn to that high lonesome sound. It was through bluegrass that she further found her route into playing old time music. “You know I was really sort of drawn to that part of bluegrass, the singing and the tunes, kind of drawn more to The Stanley Brothers , to the old school bluegrass [read more]

The Need to Capture More Today for Tomorrow

By Bob Cherry Cybergrass

The Steam Powered Preservation Society (SPPS) does a wonderful job with their preservation of music project. While they continue to sort out and prepare the Tut Taylor Tapes, they are also building an array of “Partners” that will be essential down the road. The partners are the ones who add color to this amazing project. They are the artists that explore both the traditional and stretch the boundaries of the music. First of all, the SPPS isn’t just a collection of tapes made in some garage […]

Bluegrass Music – An Australian Perspective.

Goodday from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. This is the first of what I hope will become a regular column, discussing bluegrass music, its history and development, from an Australian perspective. We’ll travel through questions such as: what’s it like to be a bluegrass music devotee living ten thousand miles distant from bluegrass America; how popular is it in Australia; who plays it, who listens to it? I look forward to dialogue and communication about anything written here and to come […]

WGN Radio interviews SPPS Founding Member Jeff Mankin

Brian Noonan (while in for Steve and Johnnie) chats with Jeff Mankin of the Steam Powered Preservation Society, about their efforts to ‘archive, save, research and share historic Americana recordings.’ check out part one of the interview here. & part 2 is here

Chicago Tribune features SPPS with article and video

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Jambase article on the SPPS

Steam Powered Preservation Society: A New Twist on Old Tunes Perennial bluegrass insider and luthier Tut Taylor’s tape recordings, numbering over 500 in total, captured some of the legends of the American acoustic music scene. This collection spawned the creation of The Steam Powered Preservation Society, a nonprofit (501c3) organization whose mission is to archive, […]

Quality is an Essential Archive Requirement

By Bob Cherry, Cybergrass In the current high-speed get it now and carry it with you mobile and lightweight music realm, MP3s seem to be the file format of choice.  Here at the Steam Powered Preservation Society (SPPS), things are not much different.  MP3 files are downloaded by our visitors frequently. While the SPPS offers […]

Happy New SPPS

Over the last few months, the SPPS has gone from considering closing up shop for lack of funds, to finding more support… and NOW! a brand new website & server setup with current news, original articles, a new look, and an overall restructuring which leaves us in better shape for the future. We are still […]

Two High String Band Tears It Down

“The whole thrust behind putting this particular outfit together was like, ‘Let’s play some damn bluegrass. Let’s stop f*ing around and play some bluegrass,’” Billy Bright (mandolin, vocals) says of the latest line-up of Austin, Texas’ Two High String Band. “And it just so happened these great guys were around. So we didn’t have to […]

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